Course Resources

A Note to Parents/Teachers

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Art Supplies

Supply list with links to recommended items

Impressionism Quiz

Test your knowledge after watching the "Part 2" video
(10 points)

Set Up Your Workstation

Use this checklist after watching the "Part 3" video (6 points)

ColorMath™ Template

Download and print two worksheets to use during "Part 5 ColorMath™" video tutorial

ColorMath™ Quiz

Test your knowledge of color creation after watching the "Part 5" video (7 points)

Gradient Shading Template

Download and print this page to use during the video "Part 6 Gradient Shading"

Gradient Shading Quiz

Self-assess your gradient shading work and blending tool preferences (8 points)

Story Strokes™ Template

Download and print this ArtSheet™ to guide you as you watch video "Part 7"

Story Strokes™ Quiz

Test your knowledge of pastel strokes after watching video "Part 7"
(12 points)

Guided Practice Story Strokes™

Download and print two ArtSheets™ to use during "Part 8" and "Part 9" videos

BONUS ArtSheet™

Download and print this bonus ArtSheet™ picture to keep practicing strokes after the videos

Get Your Badge

After completing all the course videos, worksheets, and quizzes - upload your artwork to your digital portfolio and earn you Soft Pastels 101 Badge!